Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Google Adsense

Hey guys
Today i found something really interesting its called Google Adsense
you actually can make money with your webpage or blog by adding some advertisement.
Google Adsense will automaticly pick some advertising that fits to your site and your visitors
so lets see if it works, i think its worth a try.


  1. that's so awesome I think I'm already doing it.

  2. yeah it's pretty cool... but honestly you don't want to be obsessed with it. For me I just hope I get some but my main purpose is to blog.

  3. I have this as well. Not really expecting much, but figured why not have it, right?

  4. it's supposed to be pretty cool. I set it up; still haven't seen much

  5. yeah it's ok. You'll make some money every few months if you're average at it.

    should I follow... how'd you get 100 so fast...

  6. Meh, when my mom used to blog, she got a shout-out from Tech-TV and still only made 40 buck that month. It helps, but you have to blog for the love!