Saturday, January 15, 2011

I just went to a party

Hey guys
I just went to a party and they played the most awesome song ever.

i dont know how to implement videos so you can watch it directly on my blog
so i hope it works the way i did it.

The song has a lot of dubstep elements but is actually not really dubstep i think (the drums are very different)

I hope you like it too.


  1. crazy kinda sounds like deadmau5 and datsik collided
    fucking great find

  2. That's pretty beastly of a song. Fucking wicked.

  3. realy weird song, not my kind of music :)

  4. SICK. I was ready to judge when it started, but damnnnn

  5. Have to agree that that's a great song.

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  6. In posting options, you can link videos direction to youtube under options so it imbeds in the blog post. I think you go to post a link, then post a video or something. Lemme find out for you!

  7. Nice song, following you like the blog

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  9. Awesome song, has me pumped bro ;D

  10. good song for sure.
    To embed videos:
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  11. ya man skrillex is pretty dope, check out some of his other shit if you like that, all similar sounding

  12. Keep the posts coming!

  13. really like the song :)
    btw, do you happen to be german? because duschla.mp3n hängen bei mir im badezimmer.

    anyway, following you now.
    feel free to drop me a click :)

  14. Pretty dang swanky! I agree that it's not DubStep.

  15. You have to click embed under the video and you'll get the html for it, but that's pretty bangin.

  16. I can dig it.